Just About Anything is Possible with the Ford Super Duty Truck

For a truck that will work as hard as you do, the Ford Super Duty Truck is the one you will want to take a look at. This one has some capability features that are simply not found anywhere else. This all combines to create a popular heavy-duty truck that you will be able to depend on for years.

The biggest tires on any heavy-duty truck on the road today are found on this vehicle. How does 35-inches sound? This gives you the traction that you need to solidly grip any type of terrain and not have to worry about slipping.

You will also discover that the Ford Super Duty Truck has a water fording depth of 33 inches. This is another industry leader and allows you to easily get through bodies of water that might at first seem insurmountable. Take it for a test drive the next time you visit Formula Ford Lincoln.

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