You cannot spell convenience without mentioning the all-new Ford Flex. This year’s Ford Flex is great for drivers who enjoy owning a vehicle that offers luxurious features at an affordable price. Base model Ford Flex models can be purchased at just above $30,000.

Controlling the climate in your Ford Flex is simple. The Ford Flex comes standard with dual-zone climate control. Drivers and passengers in the front and rear of the vehicle have the opportunity to control their own climates. In addition, the Flex comes standard with ventilated front seats, which will come in handy in both winter and fall seasons.

If you’re interested in upgrading your Ford Flex, then you will enjoy notable entertainment features. Some of these features include a Sony audio system that offers 10-speakers in the vehicle, navigated that can be activated by voice, parallel parking sensors, collision avoidance features, and a powerful engine. The Flex is outstanding.

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