The Latest Tech Features of the 2018 Ford Escape

You will now learn about the latest tech features of the 2018 Ford Escape. These could be a turning point in your buying decision.

Ford has teamed up with Glympse to provide a real-time dynamic map. This could be accessed from the 8-inch navigation touchscreen with SYNC 3 or the interactive steering wheel that also vibrates when the vehicle drifts out of the traffic lane. Both of these features are part of the BLIS with Cross Traffic Alert using the on-board radar systems to identify the vehicles approaching up to 15 yards away that you cannot see.

Also a part of the Smart and Safe Package is the Adaptive Cruise Control adjusting speed between you and the vehicle in front. Moreover, the forward collision warning will prepare the brakes for a sudden stop. In addition, the Enhanced Active Park Assist locates parking spaces available and ensures the vehicle fits in them.

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