The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger Wagon Keeps Drivers Alert

The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger is a wagon style vehicle that goes far toward keeping drivers and passengers safer. It accomplishes this goal with a variety of innovative tools that include wind stabilization systems as well as driver alerts.

During long trips, it can be easy for drivers to allow their attention to wander. The 2019 Ford Transit Passenger van wagon precludes such situations with its proprietary Lane-keeping alert system. This system uses cameras to keep track of vehicle travel and attitude. If the vehicle begins to drift out of place, this system alert drivers with a number of attention-getting tools. These include haptic feedback as well as audio alerts.

In addition to the lane assistance service, the 2019 Ford Transit Passenger van wagon employs a high-tech side wind stabilization system. The Transit Passenger van wagon presents a wide side profile that can be vulnerable to high winds. The side wind stabilization system keeps track of vehicle attitude and uses the braking system to counteract any destabilizing effects.

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