How to Keep Pet Hair off Your Car's Upholstery

Our associates here at Formula Ford Lincoln have a goal to help Rutland, VT drivers keep their vehicles in good condition. Dog owners have to take special care of the interior of their vehicles to ensure pet hair doesn't build up in the upholstery. Here are a few tips to help you clean pet hair and prevent it from accumulating in the cabin.

Since dogs shed so often, it's a good idea to brush dogs with longer coats before they ride in a vehicle. This will loosen any excess hair and prevent it from getting stuck in your upholstery. You can also get a seat cover to keep your seats clean, and keeping your pet contained with a dog crate or harness will help keep them safe and keep loose pet hair contained.

If you have duct tape or packing tape, then you can wrap it around your hand and use it to collect dog hair from your upholstery, and you can also blow up a balloon and rub it against your seats and carpet to lift dog hair.

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