Learn More about the 2018 Ford Edge

Ford's ever-popular midsize SUV, the Edge, has brought the fun back to driving in so many different ways. It has a presence on the road, but what's inside will really capture your attention.

A look inside demands time to appreciate the engineering that Ford put into this model. Many SUVs are loaded with features, but some of them make you feel like you're piloting a UFO when you drive them. But the Edge slips its features in with simple grace. The attention to detail, from the sharp yet simple instrument panel to the sleek center console, is nothing short of remarkable.

Ambient light enhances the cabin with soft shades of Ford's exclusive Ice Blue, soft blue, green, red, orange, purple or traditional blue.

You really have to see the Edge to appreciate its craftsmanship. Better yet, take one for a test drive. We'll be waiting for you at Formula Ford Lincoln



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