The Beneficial Performance Features of the 2018 Ford C-MAX

There are various vehicles out there that work as hybrids, and the 2018 Ford C-MAX is one of the more popular compact hybrid vehicles available. The 2018 Ford C-MAX has much to offer when it comes to performance features and it is a great vehicle to drive.

The 2018 Ford C-MAX provides you with Active Grille Shutters. These shutters are in place to help the engine stay at an ideal temperature, and they open and close as needed to look out for that engine. The 2018 Ford C-MAX is also set up with Regenerative Braking which allows the vehicle to recover the energy that it loses when you brake.

If you think that the 2018 Ford C-MAX might be something that you would enjoy driving to get around in Rutland, you can learn more about it through those of us at Formula Ford Lincoln. Stop in today to take this vehicle out for a test drive!

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